Attached are several pictures of our boat. She, as you know, is a 47' Chris Craft Commander, flush deck motor yacht, with the 3 stateroom configuration.

Built in Pompano Beach Florida this 1969, is all glass. Twin Detroit Diesel 8V53 naturals propel her with 285 hp each

We are the second owner, and between us have only clocked 1600 hours. We took ownership with 650 hour (accumulated over 27 years, hard to believe). The first 27 years she was maintained by Willis Marine in Huntington, the Captains daughter and son-in-law. Under our command, she has been maintained by either Atlantic Detroit Diesel or Great Peconic Bay Marina where she is docked.

The original gelcaot, comes up mother of pearl with the spring waxing.The Emron blue boot stripe really sets off the dock appeal We added the custom rail blocker, and helm station screen.The cockpit FRP was removed and templates used to reproduce with Honduras Mahogany.

The radar is a “Pathfinder” model by Raytheon with a closed array. A Garmin GPS is tied into a Robertson auto pilot for push button navigation. Mechanical steering was converted to hydraulic, what a difference that made. Of course there is a VHF radio as well as AM-FM-CD with inside and outside speakers

The 7.5 Kohler generator is there, but not working at present. We added a swim platform, a 25 gallon black water tank for the forward head, Bennett trim tabs, custom interior, new ref, counter top, and dinette table top, stainless steel fresh water tank and pump (no more burned out impellors)

Price:  $69,500

Location:  New York

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Hello Paul,

Are you selling the boat??  If so, I can move this discussion to the Classifieds section.  The tag says $69,500.  Where is the boat located?  The public sees the ads so you might want to include a way for people to contact you.


Where is the boat located?  As we have determined in the past, it's difficult to move the larger Commanders over land.


I'm thinking Long Island from the marina name. 

Darin H said:

Where is the boat located?  As we have determined in the past, it's difficult to move the larger Commanders over land.


Is this boat still for sale?  What is the best way to contact you?

The boat is located in South Jamesport, LI, NY. @ the fork of the fish tail.

I can be reached @ (516) 241-6210

Hello Commander friends. I have a dilema. I was wondering if any one could help with. We have been trying to sell for a while now. We are dazed and confused as to the lack of interest in our beautiful boat.We had hoped for a young couple that saw and appreciated the beauty and prestige of owning a CCC, but apparently we are a dying breed. We would hate to see her go to scrap, oh the agony, or donated, etc. If any one knows of a better way to find a caring owner, we are open to suggestions. Someone told me that there is a market in Europe???? We are willing to reduce our asking price to motivate a buyer. Thanks for your thoughts


Hello Paul,

You have a beautiful looking boat. I do not know what steps have been taken to sell your boat but as a person that was in the market for a CC I can share where I looked and you can compare this to where you have advertised.

#1 for me was Craigslist. It is free to post and I feel everyone in this country has heard of it and likely knows how to access it. Another thing that I would do when searching was Google "Chris Craft Commander" and then click on images. When searching images of boats that I liked I was able to "visit the page". This is where I discovered sights like;,,, among others. This is also how I discovered this web site.

The final item I will touch on after reading your recent comment is that the price was listed as $69,500....and in the most recent comment you discuss donating or scrap. Since you already mentioned you are willing to reduce your price I would suggest running ads with what ever lower price you are thinking will work for you. Your boat may be worth $70,000 but the more money a boat is listed for the number of people able to realistically consider it is greatly reduced. If you would be content with $50,000 I would suggest advertising closer to that price, a lot more people may give the ad a second look.

Good luck with the sale and you know the saying "the two happiest days of a boaters life is the day they sell their old boat and the day they buy a Chris Craft" .....or something like that. We need T-shirts with this on it!

Does anyone have an idea what it would cost to ship this boat to the Pacific Northwest? I know of a couple of people looking for one but they are hard to find up here

Wow... Shes a beauty.

I would be all over it if I had not already bought Rhapsody on Blue (47 CCC) a few months back.

If this yacht has been for sale since Jan 2015 and is in the condition pictured it can only be over market price. I suggest you get a professional broker to give you a current market value.

The problem is the non-working generator, even if that's the only thing out of order and the rest of the boat is 100% perfect, people see a major item like that out of service and thing "what else is there?". To the seller, fix or replace the generator, raise the price by $5k, and it will probably sell. Leaving something like that broken sends the wrong message to buyers. She's a beautiful boat.

Yes I do, $15,000 give or take 

Nick Castrow said:

Does anyone have an idea what it would cost to ship this boat to the Pacific Northwest? I know of a couple of people looking for one but they are hard to find up here

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