1976, Hull #6

Home port

 Elliott Bay, Seattle


Unique hardtop 30' Sportsman, Hunt Deep-V.  Original 250HP (350 cubic inch) Marine Power gas engines.  Recent improvements include re-fiberglassed house, new teak veneer in cabin, rebuilt carb and relatively recent rebuild of port engine, new engine parts and battery switch.  Overall in good condition.  As fans of this boat know, beautiful lines, great on the water.


(More photos coming once the rain stops and I get her ready for the season!)



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Love it
We are in the market for a 38 to 43 but this is special.
Maybe a few more pic , if your shopping that is important.

Good Luck

I've uploaded more pictures.  These are HISTORICAL pictures, previous owner.  (I have more but need to scan.)  In fact, one of the previous owners pulled together quite a bit of information about this boat model from the Mariners' Museum, including Chris Crafts' shipping/equipment record for this specific boat (11 May 1976).

This should take you to a shared drive on One Drive.   Please let me know if it doesn't work.!An-RrJmTus5z12AG1F_zxsHd3taQ

You have to highlight the entire link then click.  You might try using to establish a more friendly link, kind of a pain.  Since first seeing the "baby 35"  I have loved the boat, link to the two, sorry, that pic is on a different computer and not on the site, but this is,

Very impressed with the images.  It so cool to see the variarions and how well these boats have lasted.   I already have a 30TF.  Thanks for sharing. 


Never seen a 30 Tournament factory hardtop with no bridge- has to be a very rare boat-

I've just drafted an ad for Craigslist with more photos.  Please see:

I'll upload more once I take them...

Everything I've seen so far says she's a one-of-a-kind.  (We really like the enclosed cabin for our famous wet weather in Seattle!)

Doug Harris said:

Never seen a 30 Tournament factory hardtop with no bridge- has to be a very rare boat-

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