I am close to purchasing a 1985 410 Commander and am thinking of replacing all the isinglass for my first project. Could someone give me an idea of this cost and where I can find a dealer. I am in Memphis, TN.

Thank you in advance and I'm sure I will be asking for more guidance in the future if the sale happens.



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 I am confused.

Isinglass is a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. It is a form of collagen used mainly for the clarification or fining of some beer and wine. It can also be cooked into a paste for specialized gluing purposes.

What am I missing, never heard of it and looked it up.

Get recommendations from local marinas for local boat canvas shops.  

Thanks Charlene.

Not cheap.  Figure anywhere from $1300-$2000 for the aft deck area.  Any marine canvass shop can do it.

Thanks Paul.

Thanks for the help last night too. We're going back to look at the '85 this weekend.

In addition to what Char said, Andy, to answer your other question on cost, you'll probably be looking at $5-$10k depending on where you put regular canvas vice the eisenglass.

Thank Matt.

At that cost I might be trying a good cleaner first! Any recommendations there?

My local canvas guy ball parked $80 per panel using my canvas frames - not sure of the grade of clear though

Well so much for google. I now know what it is..... Ducking in shame.....

Shame on you.


Doug - I doubt I'd be able to get a canvas guy around here to return a voicemail for $80. At that price, I'd have my stuff into him before he hung up the phone. Go get it!

For cleaning, be very careful not to use anything that will harm the plastic. 

A suggestion (I've not used this): Plastic Cleaner from Griot's Garage



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