I'm looking for the present owner of this boat. My family bought this boat brand new. I was going through my father's old stuff last night and ran across some interesting stuff on this boat such as the original sales receipt. Who ever has this boat now I'd sure like to give them some history of the boat.


Trey Bull

42' Commander

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We have 14 members with 31 Sedans. No present member with a 31 Sedan indicate that they own that specific hull number. Not all have registered their serial number though so you might want to try to contact some of them if no one responds to your post. Here is a link to all 31 Sedans.

Thanks Alarik. I went through those Sedans in the member registry and had no luck but like you said not everyone has signed up yet. I'm finding more stuff as we speak on this boat. My father bought this 31 Sedan on Sept. 24th 1970 for $23,221.25 It had to 2/230 HP engines nos. 327Q-15-212761 and 327QL-15-212773. I'm hoping somebody out there knows about this boat. I would guess it would probably be in the Texas Oklahoha area but then again who know. I'd sure like to see my childhood boat again though.

A benefit of our new membership database is the ability to find fellow members matching certain criteria. You can for example search for members in Texas or Oklahoma. Some of them may have seen your father's 31 Sedan in their waters.

We have 11 members in Texas and 4 members in Oklahoma.

I searched our old member database with nearly 200 31' Commanders in it and I don't see a record with that hull number.

Did your parents document the boat?  If so you might be able to search the documentation number as well as the CC hull number.

Thanks Mike for looking that up. I'll just keep on waiting. I just hope it hasn't been scrapped out.

Trey, if the boat was documented try filling out the query at this link,

Thanks Tim, the only thing I have now is that invoice from Sept. of 1970 from the Hundley Boat Co. which lists the Hull ID # FDA-31-0070T and the Chris Craft Engine #'s on along with extra options that were ordered. I even talked with Byron Hundley of Hundley's who is still alive. I go to his boat yard from time to time to get parts off the old Chris Craft relics he has in his boat yard but he told me he has no paper records from back then. I tried this public records site and nothing came up. I appreciate your help.

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