Is there any value to a pair of 327F's coming out of my 1969 Commander 31? I'm repowering with brand new Mercruiser 6.2L 300hp and in order to buy non-catalytic new engines, we are required by Mercruiser to send back two engine cores. I hate to send them back the 327's if there is any value to them. This is part of the "Cash for Clunkers" law and was quite a surprise to us.

Mercruiser wants me to send them the serial numbers from the engines and hull number from the boat before they will ship the new engines, so it's decision time now, whether to find some other junk engines, or just send them the 327's. I certainly don't want them to live in my garage for years while I'm waiting to sell them...

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Although from what I read on that link, you can still buy new non-catalyst engines from Crusader and Marine Power, outside of California, without a swap.

How the heck do they do a catalyst with a wet exhaust?

And I wonder what % of emissions are coming from old boats, compared to old cars and trucks? Can it be worth the effort that EPA has gone to?

Thanks for bringing this topic up, I had no idea. And I may be replacing the old 350Q someday. When I win the lottery ;-)

You may want to check on that 327, sounds like it’s a large journal cerain casting numbers can be valuable in the classic car comunity.

Daniel M Harrison said:

It took a lot of phone calls over a couple of weeks to nail this down. At the end of the day the requirement to send back the cores is only for brand new engines, and only when ordered without a catalytic converter (now required by EPA on all new engines). The catalytic converter is approximately a $2,000 adder per engine. So the idea is that there can be no net gain in existing engines without the catalytic converters in the world... If they send one out, one has to come back. Buying the new engine package was quite a lot of work. For me I wanted the newest state-of-the-art equipment and that is why I didn't pursue the re-man avenue. The 6.2L 300hp is not available in re-man, since it is too new of a product.

Thanks to all who responded to my post. After obtaining the engine numbers and researching what they were it turns out that someone had already replaced the Stbd with Casting Number 3970010, Engine Number: V0112CJK, which turns out to be from a 1971 350CID 330HP used in Vette, Chevelle, Monte. So the engines were already mismatched in the boat. The port engine appears to be original as the casting number indicates that it is a 64-67 302/327/350 car & Truck 2-bolt main. One thing for sure, I'm very glad I was not planning on using these old engines anyway. Based on all the responses on my original question and what we now know about the casting / engine numbers, I believe what I have is confirmed junk and since Mercruiser includes the freight to return them, it's a great way to get rid of them!

Thanks again to all who responded!

Jim, the cc is prior to wet exhaust mix.  Old article,

I am continually amazed at what I learn here. No idea the EPA was worried about boats. At least with these old boats, they are not shoving cat converters down our throats. I wonder what the longevity will be on the cat, considering what the load is on a boat engine.

I might be interested in the auxiliaries and the transmissions, I can even pick them up.
I’m in Tampa FL if you are interested in any non-block parts. I had already determined to keep the trans for sale later. Anyway, we don’t send these blocks back until we receive the new engines, late December or January. Let me know...

Those crap cab distributors or gold if they still work.

And I would buy the valve covers off of you. Mine are faded, and I'm missing one of them.

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