somebody can tell me if those built in trim tabs are necessary or not ??  i saw one member who install those outside actuator ,(see picture )i tried to have some info from him,but no success ..anyway do i need trim tabs or not,,i am rebuilding the  whole boat,never tried .i would like to fix this before launching ,,they works ,but i dont like to much gadget who can leak all the time ,,some info please,,thank you

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Paco - not sure about that model, but my 35 Express has them. I don’t need them very often, but when I do need them, I really need them. Mainly when there are several people on board or I’m dealing with a hefty cross wind. I have the kind that hang off the edge of the transom.

Trim tabs serve multiple purposes on our boats. They will assist in getting and keeping the boat up on plane. When on plane, they can be used to adjust the port/starboard, and fore/aft trim of the boat, they will assist in maximizing fuel economy. The more you play with them, the more you will figure out how to best use them. 

Unless you plan on using the boat like a trawler, I would keep the trim tabs.

I have a 1968 Express 35'.  The attached photo is what is on my boat.  If they were not on the boat I would be adding them.  The reasons to have them has been mentioned by others in this thread.


Paco, my 35 like most others is a really good wake-board boat without use of trim tabs.  This hull while very pretty is too short to plane without help.  My tabs are after market, not the ones fashioned in the hull.

Keep us informed of progress,


The built ins were just another way that CC was ahead of their time. If you look at all the modern gazillion dollar sport fishers they all have the built in tabs. This reduces the risk of cutting your fishing line. 

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