I would like to remove and replace the salon windows on my 72 25' Sports Cruiser. Seams like it would be simple, but i'm stumped. There a a couple of screws which I would guess need to be removed but i'm not seeing how that would facilitate the removal of the windows. Any insight would be appreciated! Pictures below... and thank you in advance!

Pic 1: Outside Port -Ideally would like all of these to come out. 

Pic 2 - Port bottom guide

Pic 3 - Port Upper Guide (front)

Pic 4: Port Bottom guide (Rear)

Pic 5 - Port Upper Guide Rear

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The upper or lower board on the inside needs to come off.  It usually runs the length of the boat.  The windows went in, they will come out.

The small screws are to stop the glass panel from moving forward and aft.  It really doesn't do anything to hold them in.


do yourself a favor and go to

harbor freight and get a pair of suction cup grips


I would also suggest, from my own unfortunate experience, to use a Frearson head screwdriver, not a Phillips head driver. The Phillips head driver, as I understand it, does not seat deeply enough into the screw head slots and so the driver head slips out and strips the screw head.  

Thank you all for the tips. doesn't look too bad once I get the Frearson bits :-)

Hello Esteban. I have pulled the Windows out of my 42 Commander. Scott is right the screws ARE....Fearson or Reed and Prince. The 2 screws that you are pointing out are blockers to keep the stationery window in place. Pull off the inside coaming....remove all the screws in the top window track and the Windows will come out to you. Try to slide them all together so you can hold them in place and take out one at a time. Good luck. Jim. 42Commander...NEW ATTITUDE

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