Happy 4th! I was out enjoying Sacramento's delta yesterday and had the engines start loosing power when up on plane (port more then starboard). If I come off plane and slow to about 1200 for a few minutes power becomes available again and I can get up to 3200,plane, and cruise well (WOT is at about 4000 loaded). Fluids all checked out, plugs where done late last season on both engines, fuel filters changed, added sea foam to both engines. I'm thinking maybe Carbs? It has the edelbrock carbs, I have not done much more then squirt sone carb cleaner in those. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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What about the distributor cap? Not sure about the 350, but that's the first thing I check when my 427's start acting wonky and that fixes the problem 90% of the time.

10 to 30% chance, how old are the coils?

Will check caps, have some spares on board. Coils: I just replaced the starboard one, would make sense the port is now aging...I have a spare of those as well. Will give it a shot and report back. Thank you!

float carbs level ! and look your fuel pump psi !! i put a fuel pressure gauge on my fuel line and i keep it to 7 pounds ,to much pressure its not good too... ..

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