I have a couple question about my 38 that I am hoping some of you can help me with.  There is a water leak in the Salon at the point where the angled 45 degree or so fiberglass (wood on the inside) intersects the lower part of the salon wall.    This is the area just in front of, below, and near the triangular shaped back window.  Right behind and below the starboard Salon window.   I looked outside, caulked all the joints and cannot seem to find the source of the water.   I wonder if the leak is where the back part of the flybridge is attached to the roof.  That would make sense because the water would then run down the angled fiberglass to leak below the triangle window.  Had anyone experience a similar leak or know if water can get to the  lower cabin from that area?

I have another leak on the port side where the aluminum cable track intersects with the roof.   I will need to get up and caulk around the area but wonder if anyone has experience with solving that leak area.



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Good luck,  your leaks will not go away until ALL hardware is removed , cleaned and rebedded including windshield. It has taken me 13 years to get mine done on my 42. 


Byron, sorry to hear it took so long.   I've eliminated all of mine except these two so I am hopefully it won't take that long to fix them.    Your suggestion about the hardware, especially the roof hardware is a good one.  Much appreciated. 


We had the same leak described at the rear of salon on our 33.  The source was from the joint where the flybridge joins the deck.  The only solution is to remove bolts holding the bridge to deck and reseal the joint.  I found a threaded aluminum plate up top had be used on all the bolts (stainless) which had seized over the years.  I ended up having to cut all the bolts and make new plates.  The good news is now there are no more leaks.

Greg, thanks this is my suspicion as well.    I plan to use a hose and water to test and find the source.


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