Finally getting to those pesky dash gauges....has anyone (probably an understatement) replaced the engine gauge module or know where I can get replacements?  I've seen a few pictures of very nice refits with new but holding out for original replacements.



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They do a bang up job, they did the gauges on my Connie.

But before you jump the gun, I think we have the same gauges on the 47 as on the 45, and so far every problem I've had with a 'gauge' has in the end turned out to be a sending unit or a ground problem in the wiring. The actual gauges seem to be pretty reliable. Even the jumping tach was caused by old sticky cables going to the glendenning, not the actual tach. If it's cosmetics, that's another story, but I don't have a flybridge so all my gauges are in good shape.
Kocian rebuilt the gauges on my 1979 45' Commander several years ago and I am very pleased with their work. I do have the flybridge as well. I also agree that the sending units are a more probable cause of many of the problems. I bought new ones from Detroit Diesel.

Kocian sold his business a while back.  I would recommend Williamson's Instruments.  He's the only gauge guy that was able to tackle my trim tab ("Cruise Control") pod after sending it to 3 other places including Kocian.

Thank you all for the great information!  We were out of town so it has taken a while to get back to boat life.

I think I will start with the sending units and work back to the gauges and grounds as well as clean the contacts for each gauge where they plug into the module.  I can make the gauges jump simply by touching the master plugs at the modules so I'm hoping the module is not the problem but rather the plug contacts.

Thanks again and I'll let you all know my progress.

Bill Hummer

Do you have a Total Command gauge system or individual gauges?



I'm not familiar with a Total Command center but my lower station 8 gauges are plugged into a common circuit board.  I can make the gauges jump simply by touching the plug into that circuit board....any thoughts?


Sounds like you have the modular instruments Chris Craft called Total Command System. The complete wiring diagram for this is located on this site in the Library Files area. Look under "W" for wiring. Down near the bottom of the list of files.

Lots of wires and connectors. Plenty of opportunity for loose or corroded connections. Ther are some terminal blocks under the helm on my 410 model which used push on spade connections. These may become intermittent or make bad connection. Yours may be similar. Mine is a 1973 model.

I would try to look at the schematic and pick one gauge to trouble shoot. A DVM (Digital Volt Meter) would be helpful. If all the gauges are out then it sounds like a common connection is bad. Bad ground possible. Check the schematic for the wire number and look for it on the terminal blocks. Check out page 23 of the schematic which shows some of the gauge wiring. You may need to find yours on a different page though.

The Total Command system gauges were replaced on my boat when it was repowered. I now have a Murphy display unit instead. I have one original gauge cluster in the basement. You could try plugging it in to see if it works if you can't get yours going.

Good Luck,


see attached


Yep. That's it.


First let me thank John Brock for the link to my wire diagram that has alluded me for years because it is listed as "Command Module"...WOW what a treasure of information!

I do have the Command Module with Command bridge option and found that, after years of opening and closing the lower station dash, a number of the module pins had loosened creating the jumpy gauges. So...after taking out each gauge, cleaning the contacts, soldering the pins and plugging the module back in...amazing all the gauges work !

Thanks again to all that helped!


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