I am new to the Club, so thanks, in advance.

I am trying to get information on a 47' 1969 Commander in Guntersville, AL, that is being advertised on

several sites for sale.  I actually found mention of the same boat here in a post from 2007 the other day.

I am not having much luck so far with the "broker", but did get limited info from the marina the other day.

It's turning into a "long story".

The "broker" who is advertising it is not very up to speed concerning Chris craft knowledge, and I was

wondering if any of the members here had seen any information on the boat.  I'm almost 66 now, and I'm

figuring it to be my last restoration I'll tackle, as well as my re-entry into the world of Chris Crafts.  In the past

week I've spent MANY hours searching the archives and forums, and found CCCC to be the number one

go-to place for any information Chris Craft!

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We have our Grand Slam in Guntersville. If you can provide a description or web links, I can help answer your questions. Contact me directly at ELS.Huntsville@gmail.com, or phone to 256.457.3751

Thanks much, Ed.  Message sent.

That's it, Darin.

Darin H said:

I have seen this boat and would be happy to share my observations if you are interested.


Very much interested, Alan.  You can email me at bikerbarbosa@yahoo.com.

Thank you!


Wouldn't touch that with someone else's 10 foot pole. "Transmission won't shift, owner's mechanic says it's just an issue with the propeller" seriously? That's the funniest bit of nonsense I heard this year.

47's are odd ducks valuation-wise. You can get a perfect one for $70k or you can get one that needs $100k worth of work for $35k. Obviously you save a ton of money, not to mention headache, just buying the boat you want in the first place.

There is a flawless one I know of for sale in Tampa, just buy that one. Comes with a dinghy and marquipt stairs and is in good shape. It's on yachtworld. If you want somebody to check it out for you or help you I'd volunteer.

All good advice though I don't see anyone finding a "flawless" 47' for 70K.

I do see your point though because I passed on this one because it was more of a project than I was willing to take on. I do hope someone buys this boat at a reasonable price and restores it. It is a rare model and could make a fine boat for someone skilled enough to do the necessary work or with deep enough pockets to pay for restoration.

Either way I don't think we CC aficionados always use reason in our assessment of these old boats and thankfully there are those that are skilled enough to save these old classics from the scrap heap.   

Well no, the one you get for $70k will be asking $100k. And no 50' boat that's more than a year old is truly flawless. But you can get pretty damn close for the $70k I mentioned. The one on yachtworld in Tampa is exceptional, seriously check that out if you're in the market. I'd buy it if I didn't already have mine.

I suppose I'm one of those lunatics who HAS to have a challenge, and, it looks like the old girl in Guntersville fits the bill.

I spent several years in a love/hate relationship with the wooden boats.  I was never in a hurry to get things done, and most of the time (not ALL the time)  enjoyed it.  

For me, it's the journey AND the destination.  I haven't put eyes on this boat yet, but it may turn out to be such a long journey that I won't live long enough to see the destination. 

I'm planning to take a look at her tomorrow, Sat., and decide if I want to take it on.  And at this point I'm no closer to knowing who owns the boat than I was.    If it looks TOO bad, I'll just move on.  Call it a day spent somewhere I've never been  (Guntersville).

I agree with Chris about the prop/ transmission issue.  NEVER have I heard of a prop causing a transmission not to engage.  

Old cars...old Harleys...old boats....I guess I'm too "old" to change my ways.

Thanks, guys, for all the input.  It's always appreciated.


They don't make em like they used to! People too I think sometimes.  

Make sure you let us know your observations.

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