As I rebuild the interior of our 47' Commander, I'll drop pictures into this thread so it'll all be in one place. The plan is to have the interior ready for summer 2017. The outside spaces need much less work and will happen next winter.

Google Sketchup views of the new kitchen plan. We are removing the dinette (we always eat outside, but will have a 2 seat bar inside for the kids to eat breakfast at) in favour of a larger kitchen with more storage.

Now to build it!

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wha paint did you spray?????


The paint is from Target Coatings - it's all designed to be sprayed from the can, no thinning. For the paint and the clear I also added their cross linker that strengthens the coating and makes it more resistant to certain chemicals. Their coatings spray so easily for a total amateur like me, I use an HVLP conversion gun on a standard air compressor. It's all water based, and you can order it tinted or have your local Benjamin Moore store tint it - I've done both. Oh, and it dries very quickly - 2 hrs for the primer and less than 45 minutes for the paint. I found the clear best to leave for a bit more than 2hrs before any sanding.

Primer - HSF5000

Paint - EM6500 (tinted to OC-130)

Clear - EM9000SC (satin)

Cross Linker - CL100

Byron Smith said:

wha paint did you spray?????


Got a little further last weekend. Some of the kitchen parts are screwed and epoxied in.

Looks nice, will be a nice working galley.

Thanks! The idea is that the port side is the main cooking/conversation area - the walls are kept low and seating provided at the raised bar. The starboard side is like a butlers pantry - fridge, dry goods pantry, coffee maker, etc.

Byron Schaeffer said:

Looks nice, will be a nice working galley.

More progress. Starting to look like the 3D images....

It is really looking sharp.

She is shaping up quite nicely my man! Saw the "Happy Hour" photos Laura posted. Love it. Heard you met my better half at the DTree. Too funny! Let us know if you ever need a hand. 

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