As I fix up the interior of our 47' Commander, I'll drop pictures into this thread so it'll all be in one place. The plan is to have the interior ready for summer 2017. The outside spaces need much less work and will happen next winter.

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And who might that surveyor be ?

Barry Goodyear from Rakon Marine. We flew him out to Chicago to look at the first Commander we thought of buying (he showed us why that was a bad idea) and then utilized him again for the boat we did purchase in MI. As he put it - he 'cut his teeth' on Chris Crafts 40 years ago; he was recommended to us from a friend who has used his services on 3 previous (older) boat purchases.


Doug Maclean said:

And who might that surveyor be ?

I am printing this out for the next time I buy a boat. After David Pascoe retired most surveyors down here think they work for the brokers. I almost always find more than they do.

This boat, when completed will be one of the best around.

It'll be the best for us, that's for sure. It's being designed to anchor safely overnight, run on batteries alone for ~48 hours (*might want to start the generator for the coffee maker, wont need to - but it will suck a lot of Ah) and act/feel like a cottage. A lot of people wont like the painted interior - there will be no stained/varnished wood inside the boat at all, nice and bright.

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