Enthusiastic Commander enthusiasts (a.k.a. Commander "Nuts") probably saw my article in the fall edition of Styled In Fiberglass regarding breaking a dream record this year.It now seems more plausible than ever that we will surpass the one million page views threshold.

When December 17 ended the counter at Google Analytics displayed 993 338 page views since January 1st this year. With present pace that Commander "Nuts" are scrutinising our site in their quest for more facts, more, photos, more valuable DIY-tips and more boating amusement our data center will serve page request 1,000,000 the day before Christmas Eve. 

But now that I posted this message, I bet it will happen sooner rather than later!


A "page view" is a metric often used when measuring the popularity of a website. Every time a website visitor (member or non-member alike) request to see a page on our site it is recorded as a page view. In our context a page view could be for example a forum post, a classified ad, a photo album or any fact page on the site. 

Google Analytics is an independent web traffic analysis tool that we and millions of other sites use to get accurate and non-biased statistics of how our site is doing. I am pretty confident that there are not many boating clubs in our size (in terms of members)  that generate so much interest on the net.

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