Hello all, working on our 67 38 express and have few questions for the club members.

Being in Florida we really  need to have better sun reflected from the cabin windows so should I just add dark window tint film or another option I'm considering is to remove the glass and have new dark tint glass cut.if we go with new glass how do we remove the cabin side windows ?

Has anyone used a r v air conditioner installed in the flybridge to cool the lower cockpit area

My last question involves replacing the hose on the prop shaft packing gland, we have 1 3/8 shaft would anyone happen to remember what size the hose is ?  I'd like to have it on hand before we tear into it

Thanks in advance 

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I put Huber Optic ceramic tint on my 42 after 12 years it is shifting (moving ). Unscrew the trim above and the will come out. Suction cups from harbour freight are a must.


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