We are planning to do the great loop on our commander 410, we have twin 454's. has anyone done this in a comparable gas boat that could give us some insights as to total expected fuel costs or challenges we may encounter?

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Depending on your timing, do stop in at Edenton NC and say hi.  About 20 miles off the intracoastal route. I expect to be moving there in summer 2019. 

Good luck, Charles. This is definitely on the bucket list, and we often daydream of what we’d like to use to do it. I think the Fleming 58 is currently the front runner, but we’ll have to win the lottery first.

Keep us posted!

Fleming boats are beautiful. My personal favourite as well. A Fleming 65 was at our marina for a week or so and it was quite a sight.

Matt Cowles said:

Good luck, Charles. This is definitely on the bucket list, and we often daydream of what we’d like to use to do it. I think the Fleming 58 is currently the front runner, but we’ll have to win the lottery first.

Keep us posted!

There is another repower option, new fuel injected gas motors. You get improved fuel consumption for a third the cost.  They may well pay for themselves in your scenario.  A loop would probably put 600 or more hours on them, but even if you put another 100/yr on them for the next 9, you’d still have some life in them. I like the ability to do much of my own maintenance, & when you can’t...parts, mechanics, etc are all way cheaper.  We hope to loop in 5 or so years & facing the same questions.  Keep us posted!

Charles Coggin said:

ouch, perhaps repowering to diesel may be worth thinking about? as we plan to do sustained cruising over next 10 or more years as full time live aboards

Gas 1.91 a gallon and Diesel at 1.61 back in 2003. I Wish!!!   Today they are much closer or in some places diesel is more per gallon than gas. So that comparison doesn't quite apply today in terms of dollars unless you redo the numbers for today's prices; but in terms of looping on your own boat and taking it easy, it is quite relevant. 

im guessing previous owner did, has crusader 454's in it but that was not an option to select on profile, so chose closest option

Jim Frens said:

Charles, have you already upgraded once ? your profile says 427s.

we are hoping to begin our loop spring or summer 2019, we have many things yet to figure out and several things on boat to repair yet. got to tackle a flybridge repair, 3 large soft spots but kinda nervous about cutting it open to re-core it. and debating on whether to upgrade electronics or just use what she has as they are fully functional. boat is new to us and still have to have lessons on operation and maintenance, but i am confident we will have no trouble and plan to practice many small ohio cruises in the mean time to prepare. still downsizing to move from stick and brick and onto boat. we are excited and anticipate we will love it

any opinions on repairing soft spots from bottom or top on flybridge? 

Do some extended trips first. This WAS my dream trip after retiring. A 10 hour, one way trip,  cured my desire.  

A couple charters in the Virgin Islands sounds much better for me 


I suppose that's why most people get a trawler for loop trips. Much more comfortable for that kind of cruising.

I looked at a Caribbean powerboat charter for a vacation; it was prohibitively expensive (like, two years worth of marina fees). YMMV on that too :-)

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