My 1968 31' Commander seems to be ready to do a trip from FL to West End and beyond !! What should I be concerned about ? Size o k to live aboard for a few months ? Any suggestions on what to be. Concerned about ? Parts to take ?

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How many hours on the engines?, original intake manifolds? Fuel burn per mile? Do you have a 50% safety factor? 

Continuous time on boat as base, two weeks seemed to become a limit, perhaps not if were we in 30s instead of 60ish.

Good luck

I would take along the basic tune up parts, spare hose for water intake, or at least a roll of rescue tape, sea water pump repair parts (impellers), spare wire and connectors, oil, coolant, trans fluid. Enjoy the trip!

We are also planning the bahamas this summer, perhaps we should get together everybody with commanders and do a flotilla over there, it'd be fun, and for the most part we'd all know how to fix each other's boats, so it would have practical advantages.

On your question, how many are going with? A 31 will get s bit cramped after a week or two. My 47' I have finally gotten to a size where I'm happy onboard indefinitely. Prior to that with smaller boats, I start feeling cramped after 2 weeks.

I'm 6'2" and that is an issue for me that might not be for you. My 47 is the first boat I can actually stand up everywhere in and not hit my head. Newer boats have relatively low ceilings everywhere except the main salon. This one fits like a glove.

count me in too!



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