Hello All,

In addition to the water heater for the 42, I'm also going to be replacing my ancient battery charger.  I replaced the charger on my 35 a number of years ago with a Xantrex TrueCharge 20... super unit.  I started to do a little research and it seems that the newer TrueCharge might not have the same quality...

So, any thoughts on a replacement?  I'll need a three bank. 


1967 42' 

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I picked up the new 60 AMP Xantrex last summer.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006MYROFC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_...

Love it!  So far so good!  3 bank charging, remote panel so you don't have to head down to the engine room to see what's going on and you can limit the charger output if desired to reduce demand on your shore power connection.  Think just pulling into the marina on a 105 degree day and running multiple air conditioners and water heaters etc.  You can tell the battery charger to limit itself to say 10 percent output (hence less demand on its inputs).  Later, you can bump it up to 100%.

Also has a three bank batter meter in the remote panel to show you current battery state.  Also shows amount of charge going into each bank.  Seems like a  solid unit.  Hoping it lasts.


Hi Chris,

Just replaced my 35 year old charger as well:


Still made in the USA...


I did the Truecharge2.........Glad to see you preparing, just changed out wall paper in aft cabin and other small issues. Burn some fuel this summer Chris!!!

Some chargers can also act as a power supply. I think this is a useful feature.

Byron...what  can you tell us about changing out the wall paper on your boat?

John Brock

John, prior to papering I cleaned and scuffed the old teak laminate and painted with an oil based enamel undercoater( BM). Best primer for wall covering. To remove spray with wall paper remover, the Gel stuff sucks, then  have Connie scrape it off!


I had a Xantrex True Charge 40 in my last boat. It worked great, but when I was looking around for 12V charger for this boat I also came across a lot of unhappy customer stories regarding Xantrex support. I've decided to go with Magnum this time around. Support gets high marks and it seems they are much less disposable and more field repairable. Time will tell.

I'm going the invertor/charger route and have selected the MS2000 (2000W invertor + 100A charger). Hmmm, now that I look - I'm not sure that Magnum provides a stand alone charger.

What ever you decide to go with, make sure it will recharge your batteries within the time you give it. Of course this depends on how you use your boat - for example if you have a 600Ah bank that you discharge to 50% on the hook and then need to charge while running the generator...you don't want a 20A charger as you would need to run the generator for around 15 hours to replace the 300Ah, while an 80A charger would do the same in 3 3/4 hours (bulk charge only, I've over simplified). That said, you don't want too high of a charge rate. For a flooded lead acid it should be between 12.5-25% (depending who you ask) of the batteries 20Ah rate.

The other thing to look for is one that intelligently distributes the current to the bank that needs it. The start batteries charge up fast so you don't want a 60A charger that only provides a static 20A per bank (I think I've seen some of the Guest chargers do this), you want it to charge all 3 banks, then when only the house bank remains, send all 60A to that one bank.

Probably info you already know, but thought I'd throw it out there.


I'm still installing Xantrex almost exclusively. No issues so far. Install about 3-4 a year. The only other I have installed is the ProMariner20 2 bank. No problems with it either.   Lee

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