Was is possible to order a 31 with twin 427s from the factory?

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According to the Essential Guide:

31 Commander:  350Q, 327F (2x), 327Q (2x)

31 Sports Express:  427 (2x), 327F (2x), 327Q (2x), 350Q (2x).

31 Sedan 327Q (2x), 350Q (2x)

Thanks Char - I guess that means the 31 I'm going to see tomorrow must be a Sports Express, although from the phone call it sounded like a standard 31 with flybridge. 

Moving up from your 27 so soon?

Maybe, and that's a very weak maybe. But a freebie is very tempting, if it's in halfway decent shape.

In Boston?

how'd you guess?

it appears to be a Sports Express model (I think I can see it on satellite view) but I'll find out for sure tomorrow. Not my ideal boat, but it might work out. And not that I need more projects, but it may be worth rescuing and selling. If it's not saved soon, it will be junked.

I really appreciate you trying to save a commander, 

Just keep in mind there's no such thing as a free boat  lol

Someone posted it on Face Book too. Had it beed in Michigan I'd be on it. Made it sound like it was all there, just been sitting a few years.

Jim Frens said:

how'd you guess?

went to see it yesterday, you can see the pics in my album '31 Sport'. I'm thinking about taking it on as a project, mostly because I'd hate to see it go to scrap for the motors.

Looks like a good cleaning is in order, but it looks like a good boat, esspecially fir free!

Hey Jim there's a 1973 31 express on Craig's list with 427's. Looks really sweet. Claims to be appraised at 30,000 they're asking 23,000

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