Where can I get a capacity plate or does someone know what it says how many people and what weight

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They don't have capacity plates for boats this size.
So how many people can you put on this kind of a boat

That question is similar to how many people can you fit in a Volkswagen Beetle.  No more than you have life jackets, no more than you can evacuate into the water in one minute, no more than can get along for the duration of the ride, etc.  Figure you can handle as many as  there are seats but at some point don't expect to get on plane without redistribution of bodies.

We figure we have had as many as 15 on board and use the same calculation as with our camper, seats X number, sleeps two.

No it with does people with that size boat feel comfortable with and you don't have problem with coastguard I think 7 to 8 on long trips but short one what you think 10
As long as people aren't hangng off the sides, on the bow etc and you have life jackets, I don't think the coast gaurd can give you any grief. Most I've had on my 31 is 8, it could easily hold more, but the deck gets crowded. My buddies 34' Formula was a ferry for a casino before he bought it, they would move up to 20 people at a time on it.

CG, will probably  be  interested  in  adequate, appropriate  safety equipment  etc.  Call them and ask for recs and info, they're  on your  payroll and should  have  an interest  in  prevention  of future  work invloving your  rescue.  The States might be of some value but my experience  in IL & MO puts this in iffy territory.

During one of the floods several years  ago  8 of us had gone to our harbor on the  MO side of the MS river and had various  plans to return to the IL side where we had cars, boats, and  rides.  One of the folks  was returning  in a 27 cabin boat with a single 350 OD.  He offered  a ride to us and we took him up.  These were big people, almost all over 6 ft and probably  averaged 220+ with 2 of us in the V, 2 in the cabin, one on the cabin  steps, it finally  came on plane.

There are no standards for capacities for boats above a certain length. There are many calculators available online. And while I don't like POP Yachts. This was just a simple google search I did with some basic information into the subject. https://www.popyachts.com/what-is-your-boats-passenger-capacity-blo...

I've had 8 people on my 27' with more than enough power and room to spare. And the other day we had 6 adults, 1 child and 2 dogs on my buddies 22' cruiser. Had to move 1 person up into the v-birth to get the bow down on plane, but boat handles fine.

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