I am looking for the deck fish box insert, it is made out of fiberglass with wood handles. Any one know a source or had these mad up?

Thank you

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Hey Bill,

I heard back from the fiberglass specialist that made the shallow deck boxes for the 30 tournament and sportsman that I had made quite a few years back.

Although he doesn't have the original mold he can make another one using one I have...
I don't know price yet but it will obviously be cheaper the more that are made to cover the recast cost.

I will let you know when I get the box in his hands

Capt. Rich
Hey Bill,

This is Richard laaksonen again.... The fiberglass guy that I took the deck box to was too busy to work on the boxes so I took it to another one..

He quoted a price of $1,200 for the mold and $250 per box....

He could finish one box per day

This is more than I had paid previous so the key to reducing price is increasing the quantity to share the fixed cost of the mold.....

As I was trying to help you and others get them I have no personal interest in having them made but can arrange it....

Or I can sell the one I have to you and you can see if someone would do it for less!

Keep me posted,

Capt. Rich

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