My Coast Guard Master 50 Ton Inland license arrived in today's mail!!  Now starts a new adventure. Well, not really now, I still have a day job. But over the next few years I'll be looking for opportunities to serve on boats to increase my experience, especially in the Atlantic ICW.

So excited!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS JIM! 'To United States Merchant Marine Officer" It is a certificate of professional competence and well earned, The Inland License is superior to the Ocean Operators License (6 Pack License) which allows you to take up to 6 passengers off shore near coastal.

Good Job

Congratulations!! Very cool!!

Awesome! I would lke to do this one day, mostly for my own gratification, maybe deliver an occational boat.
Congrats, Jim! Definitely an item on my bucket list.

congratulations, I know that much time is spent in working towards this license.  Great news!

Awesome!!! Congrats!

I started in March of this year with a class offered by Boatwise Marine Training, a local (Boston area) outfit. Tuesday and Thursday evenings, all day Saturday and Sunday, for a month. The exam at the end substitutes for the Coast Guard exam. Then it's just a matter of documenting 720 days on a boat, either your own or someone else's. Lifetime experience counts, but a certain percentage has to be in the last five years. A medical exam, drug test, and a TWIC (Transportation Workers Identity Card) from the TSA are the other requirements. (The TWIC card has the added benefit of getting you thru airport security faster.)

I took a US Power Squadron navigation course when I was in high school, my dad wouldn't let me take the family boat out alone unless I finished that class. That training was repeated in the Boatwise class, plus a lot more. A  LOT more!!

Thanks for all the kind words.


 Congratulations Jim. As a retired Coast Guard Reserve officer, I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for your drive to complete the course. It takes a lot of perseverance and sacrifice to follow it to the end.  

Thanks, Cliff. Coming from someone with your experience, that means a lot.

Thanks for the info on the TWIC card at airports. I carry mine, but being retired haven't found a good use for it.

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