I was wondering if anyone has a good suggestion regarding the Burlington/Northern 19' fixed train bridge over the Chicago River?  Trying to bring a 57 Carver south.  Hardtop and arch are listed at 19ft.  Are there any marinas up there that specialize in getting a bigger boat thru this dilemma?  Anyone know of the closest full service marina on the other side of the bridge that could help facilitate this? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Hi Paul, 

Best insights may be from Spring Brook Marina which was the Chicago Carver Dealer and they are located BELOW that bridge and down river in Marseilles, IL and they regularly store and deliver the 57 Voyagers for their customers and should be able to talk to you about what is needed to be stripped and perhaps who can help on the North side of the Bridge.

The nearest Full Service yard is probably Marine Services Corp in Dolton, IL.  Also. Crowley's Chicago is capable too, a 3rd may be Pier 11 in Dolton/Riverdale, IL.

This bridge is regularly passed by much bigger boats so you may find that somewhat comforting. Yes, you may need to strip the hardtop down, but much is dependent on the river level when passing. 

I've seen several Large Viking Sportfish boats  such as a 65' EB and a 74' EB with Enclosed bridge make it with out anything stripped off the top and they are likely taller.  Also this is the same route that Burger Boat Co. usually sends 100' Yachts south when they were more prolific at building those raised pilothouse series.

That Bridge has caused headaches for mariners for decades. Shame they can't force the railroad to maintain it even if RxR  predates the Canal system.  Good Luck!

Greg...you have helped me with the best information I've heard all day.  A thousand times THANK YOU!

You can always lose an inch or two of height by opening the drain plug for an appropriate time.

Just sayin'

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