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How disappointing that Chris Craft puts their name on another manufacturer's boat and acts like they designed and made it. Being unable to do things on their own is probably a good reason for selling out.

Winnebago felt the acquisition was in line with the income level of their core motor home buyer.  Might be a good move for both companies.  Imagine...a free 18ft Chris Craft with your new plywood motor home?  Hopefully it will be good for both companies.  I wouldn't expect Chris Craft cruisers or yachts any time soon.

That sort of makes sense, but the price of a motorhome is nowhere near the price of a boat. By a factor of 10. Free motor home with a boat purchase is more likely! 

Have you seen some of the prices of the big motorhomes..They can run $400k+ more twice as much as many homes. And their quality is getting worse. The owner of the storage yard I left my boat out for a few weeks and told me that he had a 2014 Winnebago and then he traded it in for a 2018 and he said the quality was much worse than the one I was just a few years old I started using plastic panels inside and everything.

Sure, you can spend $400k on a custom motorhome, but you can also buy a new 26 foot Winnebago for under $75k. Just this morning I got a promo ad from Campers World with that advertisement. $75k doesn't get much in a new boat.

Reminds me of the days when Holiday Rambler owned Harley Davidson. Both leisure businesses, but no real connection in the customer base.

There is some truth to that. I adjusted the price of my little 27 to inflation once. And in todays dollars it would have cost $104,000 new!!! Luckily I only paid $5,000 lol. So I don't think boat prices have ever really changed all that much. For $100k today you can buy some decent cabin cruisers around the size of my 27. For $30-40k you can get some tricked out cuddies and bow riders. My grandfather Probably paid a few hundred thousand for his Connie in 1964. I bet with inflation that would be over a million today. It's all relative.

Actually Steve,  I think you are underestimating the value of your wonderful 27 Commander. The cost factors that go into building a similar quality boat are different than the inflation rate.  A 27 Commander,  if built today,  would probably tip the scales around $175,000.  A New 31 Commander would be creeping up on $325,000.  Back in 1964,  I would guess your grandfather had under $100,000 1964 dollars in his 57 Connie.  A 57 Connie/55 Commander would probably hit $2.5 Million if built today. Love your classic Commanders.  They can't be replaced.            

Back to the original topic - I just read that Polaris, maker of snowmobiles and motorcycles, has just acquired Boat Holdings, which makes Bennington, Godfrey, Hurricane and Rinker boats.

The same article mentioned that new boat sales have been improving over the last five years, hitting a 10 year high in 2017. That can only be a good thing for all of us.

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