I am looking for a light mast similar to the one circled in the photo above.    The 1981 Chris-Craft 381 Catalina I am purchasing is missing its mast.  The mounting plate is still there and I would like to install the same or similar.  Any leads would be appreciated.   Thanks.


Toronto, ON


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Appears to be similar to the mast for a 35 Commander, not that, it makes it easy to find.  Were you to want to make one I could at some point give rough dimensions.

Try some of our suppliers in the library links section



I think I have one that came off a 1986 410 commander not sure if that would fit

your Catalina I will check to see if it still is at my other location I live in 

Barrie Ontario



I am going to have one fabricated out of stainless soon to replace the one on my 35. Eliminate the wood section, not sure what the fabricator can do, maybe numbers 35 or CC in that spot. LED anchor light.

Mine might be worth saving, even though it is all there with some small wood rot. It seems pretty wobbly as well.
What really helped the stability of mine was adding some supports. A previous owner moved the mast back on the foredeck closer to the windshield then added two stainless arms from the underside of the hardtop. Still also mounts to the foredeck, but is rock solid.

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