Hi, I just noticed this Commander 27 for sale. Has anyone laid eyes on it before? Dealer said they had a lot of calls and people seeing it but no one bought it. Before I make the four-hour drive, I just wondered if anyone is the information on it. Dealer didnt seem to know much.


Thanks, Jen

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May have been sold in 1969 but the wood interior speaks to 1968 latest, pretty sure.

The interior galley countertop, dinette, and the head sink/counter have been recolored but otherwise, it's identical to my '69 27 footer.  I'd offer to scope it out but it's three+ hours from me, almost as far as for you.

They say 'make an offer' - I'd be starting at $5k, you just might get it for that which would be a great deal, if the engine's good. 

p.s.  if you buy it, I'll offer to haul it down here on my trailer.  probably cost 1/10 of what they'll charge you to haul it.

Thanks Jim. Hmm, I am now faced with an interesting dilemma. I have 2 Commanders and vintage garage find 1980 Formula 26 all as opportunities. When it rains, it pours.

I'll keep you all posted!

The Commander has a solid fiberglass hull and no real structural wood. It will out last you! =)
Well it was a nice ride to Vermont but the boat was an absolute mess. If someone wanted a project boat I think you could get this for pennies on the dollar as it's been for sale for over 6 years. Jim wanted to send you a p.m., but I guess I have to befriend you first. You have mail :-) Wondering if you might be willing to take this old gal out on your 27... I would love to better understand how they ride in the rough stuff.... Because even a hot mess of a 27 is a thing of beauty.

That's sad to hear. The pictures didn't look that bad.

Sorry, I wasn't on the computer over the weekend (and I'm not a smartphone user). My time on the boat this weekend was limited to Sunday afternoon. We'd be happy to take you out on our 27 although my wife doesn't like the 'rough stuff' too much. Waves of 3 feet are about our limit although we have survived worse, unintentionally. Let's figure something out.

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