somebody know what size of diesel engine fit in a commander 35 ???

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Byron Smith had 427's in his 42 originally, an option for the 35.  He replaced them with Cummins 6BTA.  Not sure what he had for new trannies but this may be an option for you.  The swap, including fuel tanks should be easier on the 35.  For the money and performance you might want to do as Greg G did with his 35 FXA.


There were a few '35s that had factory diesels, Volvos I think. My buddy had one. I see one listed for sale with 240'HP Yanmars, they give the model numbers in the listing.

Cummins will fit nicely, I had to lower the stringer at the front motor mount a few inches, new ZF 220a transmissions, new aluminum fuel tanks, exhaust, new 1 3/4'' shafts and struts and props and new generator . Cummins has a reman program, they were 18K 10 years ago , I paid 11k for locally refurbished engines. If I had it to do again I would have gone with the 496 crusaders and saved  over 30K. I love the diesels in my heavy 42 she pops right up on plane with a 17m knot cruise.

Ill have the floor up this week if you need any measurements, just let me know........B

Here's some shots of the 6BTA's in my 36 TSF.  Good workable fit with ample room for a safe exhaust design..


NICE ER    what your speed running at 2400?????

Thanks. 22-23 knots. She’s propped to 2,900+.

Here's a quick video, nothing great but shows her at 2,400.. Sorry for the wind noise, etc

Cruising at 2,400

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