Following last years' hugely successful photo contest we encourage all members to once again "hit us with your best shot" for a chance to win glory, fame and great prizes!


In addition to the obvious honor in having taken this year's best Commander photos, contributors of the three best photos get to share no less than $225 worth of Commander goodies. But that is not all. The winners and a collection of other contributions will be featured in the upcoming official Commander Club Wall Calendar 2018. Hence, a photo of your boat might be hanging on walls all around the globe!

Last year's winner photo by Jim Frens.

This contest challenges members to send us their most creative digital photos featuring any Chris Craft Commander model or photos at least some recognisable portion of a Chris Craft Commander is visible. 

 The contest will run until Oct. 22th, 2017.  A panel of three Executive Committee members (Alarik von Hofsten, Pam Sorensen and Matt Cowles) will judge the entries.

How to participate

These submissions must be in digital format and should be at least 2 MB in file size. Beware that some e-mail apps automatically "shrink" the file size of your photo, bu they always have the possibility to send the photo in original size. Both landscape and portrait orientation is acceptable, but landscape is required for photos to be on a future calendar page.

E-mail your submissions to Webmaster Alarik von Hofsten at:

Winners will be announced around Nov. 1st.

Here is a slideshow including last year's finalists to get you inspired!

If you need help taking that perfect photo check out our comprehensive guide to Commander photography.

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Hi Christopher,

Although there is no limit, I would recommend only submitting your very best shots that have more that 2MB file size.  

Christopher Hebert said:

Is there a limit to the number of entries one can make?

1974 47' Commander.  Completely original and in perfect show condition. (Catalina Island, CA)

Just found this on Google Earth. My 382 "Wanderer, and my neighbors 42 "Blue Moon" birthed on the Charles River in Cambridge.

Blue Moon has been berthed at Hatters Point, where we are, this summer. With a new owner.

Google Earth doesn't update as often as they lead you to believe. I was actually zooming in on CRYC with my Luhrs and Blue Moon still in the slips when this popped up. Looks like fall of 2014. If you look down the port side of my boat you can see my Kayak. 

Any luck with Patient Lady? I'd hate to see an opportunity missed because your waiting for each other to call.

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