Commanders on the Chesapeake; Regional Rendezvous 2017 - PICS POSTED

   Well I think everyone survived, and had an enjoyable time.  Even Anthony, who probably had the hardest time (overheated engine and burst strainer) checked in to say he made it home safe and they made the best of it.  It was a lot of fun getting to see old friends and meet some new ones.

If you were there, thanks so much for everything, and hope everyone made it home safe.  We had a pretty nice cruise all the way home and even got a couple action shots of Sea Star and Lady Eleanor.  I started an album here:

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Updated 1/4/17 - Slip reservations now open (see above for details)

I will try to make it, probably by motorcycle and not by boat, unless it's my brother's Aquasport 20 CC out of Severna Park. I can't even imagine how long it would take me by water from NH with my puny 48 gallon gas tank! Although I might be able to haul it down to Rhode Island or Connecticut and go from there....

Updated 1/17/17 - Local information added (see above for details)

Updated 2/1/17 - Attendee list started

Matt & Jessica Cowles (December Wedding)
Fred & Eileen Delevan (Northern Star)
Marty Wallace
Bruce Ketchum (Sea Hawk)
Lee Dahlen (by land)

Keep getting those registrations into the Museum, folks!  If you are coming by land and would like to be included on the attendee list, please drop and email to chesapeakecommanders at gmail dot com

 I, like Jim Frens, would love to make it too by boat, but from Connecticut, it would take 3-4 days, and my whole family are coming to Cape Cod that week of, from Indiana & New Jersey, so i'm going to have to beg out. Hope you all have great weather and a great time. I'll be anxious to see the photos that come from the Rendezvous. Have fun !!



Greetings and thanks for organizing this. 

lucy and I would love to come and will try to make it.  only question is whether Endeavor (soon to be Narducci) can be made ready to run across the bay in July.  am working on an overheating issue right now, along with a backfiring problem which has resurfaced.  crab cap replacement worked well for two months.  then, same thing. will try to fix it by replacing plugs, wires, coil and cap.


Not to twist your arm, but we will have two very capable gentlemen attending who I believe are quite familiar with your engines ;)

(Both Darin and Lee will be there)

Hey, start your Loop run and attend the Two Rivers Rendezvous in Sept!  Time to reserve your slip.  If your a Commander doing the Loop we will put you up for a few days at our home harbor, Harbor Point Yacht Club, might even chauffeur you around the area one day.

Update 2/15/17 - Attendee List updated

Matt & Jessica Cowles (35 Commander - December Wedding)
Fred & Eileen Delevan (38 Commander - Northern Star)
Marty Wallace (47 Commander - Holiday)
Bruce Ketcham (32 Marinette - Sea Hawk)
Lee Dahlen (by land)
Darin & Denise Haselhorst (47 Commander - Timeless)
David Hiser (47 Commander - Lady Eleanor)
Chris Brown (by land)

Keep those reservations coming in folks!

Count us in, she should be ready by then...

We are looking forward to meet fellow members..


Great! I'd call and reserve your spot asap, Anthony!

Coming by car. Great location for a Rendezvous. Great town.

Will take photos.

Let's try to get the boats out on a cruise. Say about two hours on Friday.

E-mail me if you need something. I live 1 hour and 20 minutes away.

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