Commanders on the Chesapeake; Regional Rendezvous 2017 - PICS POSTED

   Well I think everyone survived, and had an enjoyable time.  Even Anthony, who probably had the hardest time (overheated engine and burst strainer) checked in to say he made it home safe and they made the best of it.  It was a lot of fun getting to see old friends and meet some new ones.

If you were there, thanks so much for everything, and hope everyone made it home safe.  We had a pretty nice cruise all the way home and even got a couple action shots of Sea Star and Lady Eleanor.  I started an album here:

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Almost forgot. Thanks to Matt for organizing the rendezvous and anyone else that helped.

Great meeting you and Sally too, Rick!  Sorry you couldn't stay for dinner, but with that heat on Saturday, everyone totally understood.  Hopefully you guys get the house (and subsequently the boat) squared away quickly!  Stay in touch!

Matt , Karen and I had a great time was great seeing everybody and meeting everyone. Are ride home didn't go quite as planned we spent the night in Kent Narrows and the storm (Tornado) rolled through, my Bimini and frame blew away like I was in Kansas I mean completely gone. I really thought the cleats were going to pull loose but the old girl stayed together and we cruised home Monday. Thanks for the pictures and getting the rendezvous together. Looking forward to the next one.

Chris (seabuddy) Brown  518-281-0045 I would like to do a "Cruising Club Notes" write-up for PropTalk I live in Annapolis, MD and came by car. Need single photos with photo credit and names of the folks and yachts in the Event. Send in as large a size as you have. Highpoints of who, what, where, and when is needed. Photos and words sent this way will be taken as giving permission to publish in Prop Talk print and electronic media.

PS my regular column for the August 2017 is on page 60. I write about Classic Boating monthly.

Cruising Club  Notes in that issue starts on page 50.

Email sent

Chris (seabuddy) Brown I need single photos e-mailed to me with a caption. The e-mail to me indicates permission to elect and print folks and image. At the same time, no one's name will appear without such permission.


electronically and print

Did you get my email?

No. My e-mail is  and I would like your permission to mention you in any PropTalk cruising write up.  

Have resent along with pics and several write-ups.  Please be sure to check your spam folder too just in case.

You have my permission.

got it

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