I'm looking for someone that has any knowledge of the cooling system,hose routing between freshwater and sealed system.. after assembling motor manifolds hose routing was done by old manual that didn't have a closed system hookup !! Tired of trial and error !!!! Any input would be very appreciated!! Send help to pillarm@charter.net

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Are you looking for cooling system diagrams?

post pictures and I can help.

This may not apply but on my FWC 350Q the raw water comes in from the seacock, to the raw water pump, then through the heat exchanger, then to the trans oil cooler, then ( I believe) to the risers and out the exhaust. Not sure about the fresh water / coolant side. From viewing the CC design diagrams, it should be raw water pump to trans cooler then to heat exchanger then risers.

is a 350 K a Chris Craft motor? Diagrams for CC motor cooling systems are under the Library tab, Files, then E for Engines.

All that I've seen go from raw water pump thru trans cooler then to heat exchanger.

Mine must be a retrofit, as the heat exchanger is mounted along the stringer near the seacock. It would be a lot of additional plumbing to route the water up to the trans cooler then back to the heat exchanger. I wonder how much cooling the trans is actually seeing this way. I should get one of those handheld sensors and check it out some day.

Those transmissions generate a lot of pressure which equals heat. Check the fluid and see if it looks or smells burnt. If not then maybe your ok. If so then you might have to jump thru the plumbing hoops.

See page 73.




Did you ever get the hoses figured out?


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