Are the decks on a 72 commander 35' cored? I need to install some canvas fasteners but will nix the whole idea if the fore deck is cored. Thanks!

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Should be cored with balsa. Bed the snaps and you should be fine.

Not sure about the sedan but the express only has cored aft hatches.  The vee and salon have rather beefy mahogany  supports.


Esteban,  I have a 1972 35 express and the foredeck is cored with plywood the side decks on my boat are NOT cored at all just thin fiberglass with a fiberglass radius running longitudinally for support under those side decks.  I don't know how the aft deck is cored but I believe the hatches use balsa core.  Here are some picture of the core pieces from when I installed a windlass in the foredeck.  Hope it helps.

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