How did the 1979 Corinthian 38' stack up against the earlier Commander's? Were they as well built as Commanders, or did cheaper materials barge there way in by this model? Are they more trawler like in stability, or are they still a planing hull?

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If your on a collision course stay in the Commander.

I was wondering the same thing. Corinthians came in 33' and 38', maybe more sizes. The 38 looks to be very liveable.  

There certainly isn’t that much information out there on the corinthians that’s for sure. I tried google searches all night long!!

I have worked extensively on a few. I would pair the coho more with a Catalina Good strong hull, nice lines, lots of room but the downfall on all I have worked on is window leaks causing extensive rot on the wing walls..

Sorry to say but “Fugly” like packing 20lbs of potatoes in a 10lb sack... IMHO

I'm not understanding how your comment is a contribution to the conversation? Please explain.

Douglas Bidigare said:

Sorry to say but “Fugly” like packing 20lbs of potatoes in a 10lb sack... IMHO

Christopher--- I believe the build quality is good from what I have seen. Lee is correct as the several I know have had window leakage problems around certain windows that resulted in carpenter work. Personally I have looked at the 48 CPMYT in the Corinthian/catalina and think it looks more balanced than the shorter versions-and has a fishing cockpit. The layouts are super. I am not sure of the handling in rougher water---but I think the 48 is ''OK''.I have seen Diesel versions with Cats and Lehmans---and are harder to find. The 48 at least seems to sell at pretty high prices overall esp with diesels.  

The 'fugly' comment may be a little extreme, but we're all entitled to our opinions. I agree that the Corinthian aka Coho is not the prettiest CC out there, kind of like a floating box truck lol especially the 33 footer. But pretty is as pretty does, and it does seem very functional. A lot of trawlers aren't very 'pretty' either but they do fulfill their purpose.

Maybe I did not read your question "How did the 1979 Corinthian 38' stack up against the earlier Commander's?" Sorry for the harsh comment, but I am a designer and artist by trade and I own a '69 35' Commander Express. Design wise it has beautiful flowing lines and and a minimalistic approach to features. When I look at the Corinthian, I see a Traditional Chris from the hull down and then from the hull up I see a houseboat. Too many horizontal and vertical lines which the Commander does not have. It's like they took a commander and chopped off the deck space to add more living quarters.

But then that's just my opinion and I thought that was what you asked for...

Hi Chris,

I sure can't tell you much about the Corinthian, but I had friends who had one for quite some time. They had a mooring in Avalon next to me and used to come over to Catalina Island from Newport Beach all the time which is a 25 mile trip in open ocean and the boat did well. They stayed aboard for days at a time and were quite comfortable. That one was the 38' model gasoline powered.


The Corinthian is what folks fear that Winnebago will style the next boat they call a Commander. 

Over the weekend we went to look at the 1979 Corinthian, and while I liked the amount of room it had, it was quite evident how quality had slipped by that time. The fake wood paneling, all the plastic parts, and even the fiberglass roof didn't feel as sturdy as my Commander. 

Either way, it was a HARD PASS for us. 

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