My mast support has some rot so I need to repair the cabin top where it anchors. While the mast was down I was able to inspect the anchor light which is obviously the one on top. What is the other light that is in the middle? I should say what is it intended to be since mine does not work.

Second; on either side of the cabin roof toward the bow there are four screws penetrating that I assume are securing something. that something is not accessible from below without removing headliner. Anybody take a swag at what these are?

Boat is a 1974 flush deck 45'



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Based on how they're laid out, I'd say the top one is your anchor light (since that's supposed to be 360 degrees visibility) and the lower one would be your white running light. I suspect you have a white stern light that comes on when the lower mast light is on. 

Cant help on the screws - sorry. But I'm pretty confident whatever they're holding was not put there by Chris Craft. 

Agreed.  The mast light is a "steamer light"  and very hard to find.  It provides a forward white light while moving and the stern light picks up the rest of the angle for 360 degree.  Our 35 had the same principle that  but was built into the bow rail.  Mind is a pot metal mess.  It needs to be restored but I haven't looked close enough at to see if its even possible.  

Where is the base?


Mine did not have a metal base like that. You can see in one of the pictures that there is a flat metal plate with two pins that the mast fits on. No idea if this is original or a later modification. Everything about my boat was sloppily done over the years. 

Your forward facing white running light covers 225 degrees, the stern light (probably on your transom) covers 135 degrees. You probably have two switches, one labeled Bow light and one for Stern light. Your Anchor light switch should operate the top 360 degree light.  Smaller boats can use a single 360 for running and anchoring.

The stern light works as does the anchor light which leads me to believe either this light in the mast need a new bulb or there is a wiring issue. (that would not be a shocker Lol)  

It seems in the photo that there is a square imprint/shadow around the screws. Probably some ill conceived addition since removed and the brass screws returned to plug the mounting holes.  

OK I'm going to take you guys word for it and remove these stupid screws. Does seem stupid to secure something below with screws through the cabin roof. I think you must be right. I'll fill those holes asap.    

Any idea how to get this off? Just want to clean it up and correct some of this wiring nightmare. I tried tapping it with a luck. I think to free it I might break it so I went no further. Any ideas, or just leave it as is?



It,s probably bedded and sealed from the factory. If you have ever installed an exterior fitting with 3M 5200, and then tried to remove it, you would know that this is a time consuming process. Use a cold chisel and solvent like acetone, denatured alcohol, or DeBond. Work slowly around the fixture and be patient. If you try  to pry the fitting off, either it will break, or the gel-coat will come with it.

Is this the base of the mast light?  If so why do you want to remove it?

The wire ends protruding through are not in the best shape. My plan was to cut this away and splice in new wire but as is I will probably just do the best I can do without removing it. Too much to do to get wrapped up in something this trivial.



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