Recently purchased a 1974 47 Commander...had been sitting in water 10 years with little use.  Ran it up Mississippi to Mack City...with issues you might expect.  However all resolved at this writing. all valves adjusted, all systems flushed. I have a question about the breather hoses--there are four, all extending into the rear of the engine room into what appears to be original equipment--four plastic jugs in a secure mount just in front of the synch.  Engines have 2700 hrs each.

Oily and dirty---

Is this normal, and can they be rerouted either back to the turbo, or out board?

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Yes it is the one located east of Louisville.  Orginally from Bay City--sold 10years ago, and I brought her home---she was "kicking and screaming" coming up the Mississippi, didn't seem to want to get back in the "big water"~!  We got her home, spiffed up and now put to bed for the winter to finish up.


Patty & I looked at a 47 in Louisville in 2006. Do these look like your boat? If not yours, anybody know where this boat went and who owns it?

Dick, no this is not our boat.  Our boat was purchased in Michigan in 2007 and moved to Louisville then.

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