I watched the Dick Avery film "Commander Styling Story" for the first time last night and it was fascinating! If you haven't viewed it yet, I strongly recommend taking the 15 minutes. (The link is in the column on the right, here on this page).

Question for the group: At the end of the film they show brief glimpses of some of the original artwork Dick drew way back when he was designing the boats. Does anyone know if they are publicly available? I would LOVE to have a reprint of the artwork Dick produced for the 31' Commander. I think it would be wonderful to have a copy framed and hanging in the den or on the bulkhead.

I did a bit of digging in the archives last night and am coming up empty.

Thank you!

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Greg, we need Lon to take his drawing down to the kinko's and get some high quality scans/copies made! LOL

Yes, I know where all these original drawings are. Dick Avery gave them to the club to be auctioned off to raise money for the fledgling club. Instead, the leadership of the club under a split decision decided to donate the drawings to The Mariners Museum. I'm assuming these are available for reproduction, but am not sure. I know part of the Mariners Museum is closed for remodeling or something like that. I'd suggest contacting them and making an inquiry about reproduction or copies of Dick's work.

I'm sure you're right, Dick. I do recall artwork being donated, but couldn't remember exactly what artwork. I know Whitney did a beautiful job getting digitized versions of those Avery Commander drawings and putting together some amazing-looking framed copies for one of the rendezvous events. They were "hot items" that year.

If the Mariner's Museum has those drawings, that bodes well for all these gentlemen who want to get their hands on them. Otherwise, who knows where those originals would be today.

The CC archives at the museum are closed for the next two years. I contacted them a few weeks ago to get a full research packet on my boat, but was told they couldn't get to them until after remodeling is completed. 

It's gonna be a long wait.

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