Calling all you chemists, I'm ready to reinstall my shaft strut and rudder stuffing box. I have found it impossible to find original style 3/8"X5" flat head Phillips or Frearson machine screws. I may be forced to use Stainless Steel, does anyone see a problem with galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metal contact between Stainless bolts and the bronze strut?


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Craig - of you do a quick search, this was just discussed a month or so ago. Your best bet will be going with silicone bronze. If you can find what you need locally, check McMaster-Carr

It looks to me that you boat in fresh water if so I would not be too concerned about 316 SS fastening the struts.  Teflon tape the threads a lot and expect the stray electricity in the harbor may be worse.  Finding the Sibronze bolts would be preferable.  Your going to be hauling with some regularity so it will not be too difficult to keep an eye on the contact. JMO but I did get a degree in chem way back in '69, almost all forgotten

Tim’s right, but if you do that, be sure to make a note of it in the log. If you ever sell the boat to someone on a coast, that would be very important information to have.

If you do a quick search, this was just discussed a month or so ago. Your best bet will be going with silicone bronze. If you can find what you need locally, check McMaster-Carr

I get a lot of my running gear specialty fasteners from Top Notch Fasteners.

Ron specializes in hardware for boat builders.

The "bronze machine screws" you are looking for  are auctually called strut bolts in the marine fastener world


And he has them in many sizes.

Usually in silicon bronze but sometimes all that is available is stainless in certain sizes.

I would not hesitate to use the stainless ones (316L) if ots all you can find

Thank you all for your input, It's not that the strut bolts are not available in bronze, it's the outrageous price. The prices are reasonable until you get to 4" then the price doubles or triples just to get an extra inch and as particular as I am about originality I'm also not independently wealthy, I mean-$12.00 each for 4" and $26.00 for 5"? Really?I believe my friend that owns a machine shop could make them for me for less than that.


Craig, why would you need 4", the hull isn't that thick. 

Several of the marine grade SS antiseize compounds say they work also to prevent corrosion between dissimilar metals. I think they are great on any SS fasteners to promote removal , protect from crevice corrosion, and although I havent tried it --for dissimilar metals. One problem however may be cost--a few of them are a bit pricey--but one can use them on alot of stuff.

Al, are you referring to products like "never seez"? I love that stuff and use it on everything especially exhaust manifold bolts and it's perfect for spark plugs in aluminum heads.
Great recommendation Jeremy, TN Fasteners had what I was looking for and at reasonable prices. It also made a difference looking for the correct name, when I searched for "strut bolts" I had lots more choices from many more sources.
I was mistaken about the length needed, I did not need 5", 4" will provide just enough length.
Jim; the hull thickness at the turn of the keel is 1-5/8", the strut is approx. 1/4" then there is a backer block on the inside of the hull that is 1-1/2" so 4" only leaves enough length for double nuts.


The hull is about 1" thick and if his boat is like mine there there is a 1" or so thick wood block above and below the waterline. So at least 3" right there plus an inch of protrusion to get the not on.

Jim Frens said:

Craig, why would you need 4", the hull isn't that thick. 

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