Holy smokes its one thing after another. Getting a new appreciation for the term B.O.A.T. (break out another thousand).

Have the boat on the hard and the shore power post looks like Clarke Griswald's Christmas light hook ups. Every day I'm sweating that some turkey screws with the power while working on boats to either side. Today I go out there and you guessed it no power and it was a balmy 22 F last night. At 10:30 PM the space heater I use in the bilge was running and everything was normal. So at some point between 10:30 last night and 7:00 PM today the power went out and my batteries are flat. Here's the rub;

I re-set the shore power breaker, but most of my AC outlets are kaput and worse my battery charger is not operating. I checked both fuse boxes and no tripped fuses. I even turned them off and back on again. I checked the glass fuse in the  charger (74 original) and it was fine. Any idea what I may be overlooking? Admittedly I am no electrical genius......yet. This boat will kill me or make me smart electrically.




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Where and what size is the breaker supplying that post?  I have had this problem in the past.  Our dock shore power posts are fed from the individual metered distribution panels on shore.  I had a tripping failure at less than the 30 amp post breaker and traced it to that on-shore supply.  Breakers have a life span and it is shortened by repeated tripping hence the low amperage trip.

Good Luck,


amazed that a yard would let you keep a space heater running while the boat is unoccupied. Even if it is allowed what are you trying to keep warm?  A properly winterized boat on the hard can withstand 20 degree weather for as long as it lasts. 

It is not winterized. We had average temps in the 60's for highs in in Feb. Probably pulled it too soon but this is not similar to the Great Lakes area with winter storage. 

If it's like my boat there is a separate (crappy quality square-d residential grade) breaker for the generator and for each shore power inlet. They are behind cabinet doors in the salon.
I had the same crappy square residential CB's on our boat. They were at the end of a 25' run of undersized wire (20A instead of 30A, 12ga I believe). We had arcing & all kinds of corrosion. It seems the reason I kept popping breakers on the panel was because they weren't getting enough juice for even a moderate load. (Almost never did one of the main residential breakers trip, 99% of the time it was a breaker, or even 2, on the panel). Now, 5+ boat dollars later, I have marine CB's at the beginning (ABYC std is 3' or less from point of connection) of the run, properly insulated AC busses, and marine rated 8ga wire. One one side, a PO actually used a shore power cord and just cut off the plugs! You never know what you'll find, but if, after a repair, your boat is still showing symptoms, or you see anything remotely like our pictures...you'll need to keep at it. Best of luck Alan!

Sounds like you may have a marina problem not your boat sounds like you may have hade a power surge or one of the two 30 amp lines may be down. If you have a SQD breaker there twice as good as ABYC breakers QO breaker are the best made. Did you reset both the shore power inside and on the shore hook up? Sounds like you have a phase dropped.

Ok so I chalked this up to bad yard power and decided to wait until I got it back to my slip. Well I got her back in the water today and in her slip and the problem is the same. No AC power into the boa at all. on top of that the generator will not power the AC systems either. So I am assuming that the problem is in the main breakers somewhere or the switch between shore power and genset?

Does this narrow down the problem for any of you electrical gurus?




I'm a bit late to this discussion but do you self a favor.  You don't have to be an "electrical genius" to use a $10 Volt/Ohm meter.  It will be the least expensive investment you can make for your boat.  Just start in the middle from your source to your load and measure the voltage.  Work backwards or forwards until you have no power.  Eventually you will isolate your problem and then you can fix it.

Tim G.

It's difficult to diagnose a problem from a distance, but it sounds like there is a breaker or switch on the boat that is not working properly. My 45 had switches on the panel that would direct the power from different sources to the panel. This is where I would look. If you haven't yet solved the problem, I may be able to help. You can e-mail me direct at billyk @ lisignsandlighting . com. Good luck

Billy K.

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