OK, so I just received an email from mail@commanderclub.com and he - she - it was telling me to view a video that they had posted to our  "Facebook" page. What is "our Facebook page"? I quote:

"If you have not seen this unbelievable accident that happened just about 15 days ago in Oregon, take time to watch the video on my post today on our Facebook page.

Be aware - Some may ask why I did not post a link?

Like In most "posts" to social media people's comments can get crazy with XXO verbiage. Thus I do not want to post a link for that reason...as they say "fair waring". You don't have to read the comments.

But reality is reality and I still hope you will check out the video at least, as it is reminder for all of us to Be Safe by being AWARE when out on the water.

Spring arrives March 20th... We can get out the polish soon!"

So, I ask when did CCCC start a Facebook page? Secondly why does CCCC have a Facebook page when it has a perfectly functioning website? Thirdly, there is a forum here for discussion and posting pictures, vides etc. Lastly why is there no link or mention of a Facebook page on this website?

For one, I do not do Facebook as I do not waste my time with Social Media other than specific websites that host direct topics to which I am interested. I do not care what you had to eat, your political viewpoints and your religious preferences.

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Hello Douglas & all fellow members,
First, let me extend our apologies for the confusion. The CCCC does have a Facebook page and has had one for several years. We know that many folks do not care for social media, but we have found that Facebook is an effective tool to further spread the word about our club of enthusiasts. Be rest assured that our commitment lies with the Commander club site. I will commit to you, that videos shared by any of the EC members, in the future, will be shared on Commanderclub.com so that everyone can enjoy.

The same video, shared on Facebook, was posted to the forum a few days ago and here is the link to that post. It is some scary stuff.


If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at webmaster.commanderclub@gmail.com.


Pam Sorensen

CCCC Webmaster


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