Here's hoping all our Florida CCCC members are safe. As you're able, report in, and let us know how you're doing.

Fingers crossed....


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Would love to come see you. We miss coming to Florida. Seems like we were coming with some regularity for a while, then we stopped. Hope you're doing well, and very glad to hear the boat faired okay in the storm. What a whopper it was!

Byron Smith said:

Rob, you know our back doors is aways open, come to Fl this winter!!!!!! Anyone heard from Jim and  Bob in Bradenton??

Glad to hear Jim and Bob are okay. Luckily, this storm seemed to lose it's hefty punch rather quickly (but not quick enough to spare the Keys).

Dick Morland said:

Jim & Bob are fine. They moved inland a bit because they were concerned about a storm surge coming into their house. I guess they only got 1 hours sleep Sunday night, but their friends house withstood the storm, and when they returned home they only had some minor tree and/or shrubs damage. They didn't even have to fire up their standby generator ! 

Anyone hear from the Gressetts?

Yup, I talked to Tim. A couple grand damage to the house and some damage to the boat when a stbd. Forward piling pulled out of the bottom & clobbered the stbd. side of the boat. Primarily a couple of stanchions. Nothing major. They still didn't have power as of yesterday, but they're both OK.

Our place in the Keys is on Summerland, the eye passed right over us. I heard from locals that sustained winds were 140, and gusts measured to 165. House lost siding and some roofing, but our center console is still chained to the ground right where I left it! We are thankful, it could have been much worse. And I can't imagine how Sea Hawk would have done out in the canal! (fortunately we postponed moving her down until next year)


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