Gauges/Ray Hunt 30 Sportsman/ Refit Pictures Update 5

Hi All,
Some may have read my post from way back that I was trying to locate a 30 Ray Hunt Sportsman I worked on as a kid, or any one for that matter.
It took me 2 years, but I found the sportsman I worked on and was extremely fortunate to aquire it.
I'm in the process of having it completely restored.
I will post pics of the resto as I can if people are interested! It's being done professionally and as I run a large yacht for a living pics come in spurts as I'm not on site where the work is being done.
I'm trying to replicate the original guage panel at the helm as its been modified beyond repair.
Anyone with any leads on where I might find one, or a resto company that could do it I'd greatly appreciate it.
Anyone with an original gauge panel on their 30 sportsman, if you could send me a picture of it that would also be immense help to me.
Many thanks,
Jim Kenyon

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Talk to these guys --

They should be able to help you out, or get you pointed in the right direction.


Sadly Dale sold/closed his business. He was great.

Kocian instruments is in business although Dale sold it.  Mixed reports from boaters regarding work and service.
Mike Watson said:

Sadly Dale sold/closed his business. He was great.

Pictures as promised.

I am taking the hardtop off, actually its already off, as its pretty rotten, The boat has not been in the water in something like 10 years so there isn't alot of corrosion, just many soft spots. The boat has never been in the salt water its entire life so that is good.  Only Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario.  Kevin Haines of Caliber Boatworks is doing the work.  He painted most of the Burgers that came from Manitowoc the past 20 years and he is an outstanding craftsman.

My goal is to make it look like the one at the top of the page, and I admit I have a long way to go.  Luckily I will have some old Palmer Johnson woodworking craftsman doing the interior.  I did a 142 foot project at PJ many years ago and know them all.  Since PJ left Sturgeon Bay (A Shame) there are a few around that want to help me.  PJ guys will also be doing the wiring for me.



Added some more pictures.  Not sure if anyone is interested in seeing these, Ive never posted like this before.

Thought it might be interesting.  Its moving pretty good as there are 2 full time guys on it. 

Amazing how many soft spots are in the deck.  So far its been fun, but my mechanic today told me the engines are not the best so I guess I will put new ones in.  Maybe 383 strokers.


I know where to find an original dash.  I'll visit him and get some pics soon I hope!


and please keep up the great pics!  They're inspirational and educational!

Hi Jim,

As the project progresses, could you tell us what materials are being used?  Looking forward to the 'after' photos.

paul heid said:

I know where to find an original dash.  I'll visit him and get some pics soon I hope!


Hi Paul,
Many thanks to you!

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