Gauges/Ray Hunt 30 Sportsman/ Refit Pictures Update 5

Hi All,
Some may have read my post from way back that I was trying to locate a 30 Ray Hunt Sportsman I worked on as a kid, or any one for that matter.
It took me 2 years, but I found the sportsman I worked on and was extremely fortunate to aquire it.
I'm in the process of having it completely restored.
I will post pics of the resto as I can if people are interested! It's being done professionally and as I run a large yacht for a living pics come in spurts as I'm not on site where the work is being done.
I'm trying to replicate the original guage panel at the helm as its been modified beyond repair.
Anyone with any leads on where I might find one, or a resto company that could do it I'd greatly appreciate it.
Anyone with an original gauge panel on their 30 sportsman, if you could send me a picture of it that would also be immense help to me.
Many thanks,
Jim Kenyon

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Hi All,

I thought I would send another update.  I have not seen the boat in 2 months, and finally got over to Calibre Boatworks to have a look.

All of the rotten Decks have been replaced.  This was a huge and very expensive job.  Basically all the decks were replaced by Calibre.  Lesson here is maintain your bedding compounds.  It simply doesn't last 40 years.  Any crack where moisture can seep in, it will! The frames for the deck furniture is in place and being faired in.  The furniture will sit on powdercoated aluminum frames sitting on epoxied teak planks for both sides.  It will never rot and will be a clean look.

The hull has had its initial DA sand.  Calibre is going to pull a skin of mud on the hull, then long board it smooth so the hull will have no imperfections.  The quality of his work is amazing to say the least!

The soft top has been 3D templated and is being built now.

I took a trip to my carpenters workshop and got some pictures to share of the furniture being built.  This is the fun part!  Its mostly finished, you will see the cabinetry and the interior panels. I purchased a new Isotherm refridgerator for the bar area. The cabinetry has the initial 3 coats of awlclear, and the  next stop is the paint booth for another 15 coats that will be sprayed on by Calibre.  The instument panel is finished (not pictured) and the carpenter is now installing the gauges. Its 3/4 inch teak, and will be beautiful.  I decided to go for a little more custom look so not going to use original gauges.  I'm going with black mercury custom gauges that will compliment the new 383 stokers I'm putting in.  I went with a Simrad NSS7 EVO2 for my plotter.  It fits nice on the instrument panel.

The guy building the furniture for me was a master carpenter at burger yachts for 30 years.  I feel very fortunate he took this job on for me as he is retired.

He build canoes as a hobby.  I couldn't resist sharing a picture of one.  They are amazing.  Enjoy!

Hopefully my next update will be with finish paint on.  I am not far away from that now.

OH, WOW!  I'm not going to show these to my boat-I can't afford to give her this type of makeover yet!  :-)  That craftsmanship looks amazing.   BTW, are you building a whole new teak swim platform?  I know a guy who is looking for a good used   Another note-it looks like you are leaving the original fiberglass fuel tank in there???

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the compliment!

Paint scheme/All Awlgrip


Topside-Snow White

Booststripe-Stars and Stripes Blue

Bottom Paint-Seahawk, color white

Soft Top-Sunbrella Bisquit

It is nice to see such a well planned restoration!  The crew seems to be doing an amazing job in all aspects of the refit.  All your work will keep this craft looking great for a long time!

Hey Jim, thanks for the pics, totally interested in watching progress. I have a 30 TSF 76.

Hi Cary,

I will keep updating it as it moves along and thanks for your reply!!!

Cary Boring said:

Hey Jim, thanks for the pics, totally interested in watching progress. I have a 30 TSF 76.


     Are you leaving the original fiberglass tank in place?

Hi Paul,

Yes we are leaving it in.

Since the boat hasn't been used in 10+ years the tank appears really good.  Doesn't look like its ever had any ethanol fuel in it. No soft spots and after we borescoped it we deemed it in great shape.

Luckily the marinas around here only sell ethanol free fuel.



     I know your work takes you from home(and the Jolly Fisherman as well), but some of us restoration junkies could use a good fix!  Any pictures or updates???  :-)

I just cut out my tank that has not been used in 7 years and it was a sticky mushy mess on the inside i would rethink leaving it it is so easy to cut out with the motors out it only took 4 hours and 6 sawzall blades

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