The Club is looking for a Commander enthusiast who also happens to be a professional graphics designer. Sounds like a description of you? Read on!

You have the ability to create professional grade digital graphic artwork relating to the world of Commanders. The artwork may be based on your own idea or based on ideas coming from collaboration with selected Executive Committee members. The plan is to reproduce the artwork on selected Dock Shop items. However, you will NOT be required to deal with actually getting the products published in the Dock Shop, I will handle that for you.

As you may know, sales of Dock Shop items have a twofold objective. First, Dock Shop items are sold to be enjoyed by proud Commander "nuts" world wide. Secondly, the sales generate a much needed revenue stream for the club and hence make it possible for us to run the Club without any dues.

So if you think you have the skills and feel you would like to help the Club please contact me off-list for further information at:

Obviously you do not have to come up with a design idea before contacting me. Let's talk first!

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