I have up for sale several stainless steel stanchions that directly replace the original chrome plated brass ones used on late 60's to early 70's Commanders. They are, new old stock in great shape. They can also be buffed to a mirror finish. I am selling these for $12.00 ea. I also have two handrail end pieces also available at 12.00 ea.

These all accept the same 7/8" tube and are attached using 1/4" bolts.  

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No, just the ones for the handrail.


If still available, how many of each. I am buying a 47' Commander, needs restoration, and this would be a good first step

I am looking for a stanchion pole cap (with rounded top and hole for lifeline) for a 38 Commander if anyone has an extra.


Are these still available?
Hello Bob,I am also looking for 4 end pieces and 2 middle pices if still available. Thank you please call vic @ (225)329-7000

Hello Bob, 

My Name is David and My father and I are in a long restoration of an original 38 S.F. w/ detroits. My hanrail stanchions are old and scuzzy from a lifettime in the ocean. we love this boat so much its not about money and never was. We are in the industry and new what these boats were when we had the opportunity to get one that needed restoration that had DD 6v53's. We even shipped this boat 1200 miles north when we moved to Lake Coeur D'Alene Idaho, thats commitment !   Cosmetics are the final stage and we have reached that. I am interested in the SS stanchions if you still have them.




I do have the 4 that are pictured. They are $48.00 plus $12.00 shipping.



Hi Bob,

Does that mean that you you have 4 of the center handrail stanchions, or 2 centers and 2 ends? Still want them.



I found another one so I have 5 center handrail stanchions. 


Do you still want these??

Bob Griffin said:


I found another one so I have 5 center handrail stanchions. 


Does anyone have the transition rail ends from wood to bow rail?

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