Is it me, or does this 1968 Hatteras look A LOT like a Commander?!? The flybridge, windshield, windows, and front "seat" look like it was taken right off a Commander, altered a bit, and stuck on another hull!

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I could have my history wrong, but given when Hatt started using fiberglass, wouldn't it be more fair to say the Commander looks like the Hatt?

(I know, blasphemy. I'll see myself out now)
Look at some Trojans and Pace Makers of the era and you will find the same thing. Just like today many of the boats of the era looked alot alike. Imo none quite pulled it together like Chris Craft though, they had some fantastic designers.

My grandfathers mid 60's wood pacemaker looked exactly like the CC's of the age and even similar to some commanders. It's the common elegant, timeless styling that was used in the 60s-80s. There really are only so many styling cues you can change. Before a boat starts to look like a shoe. Most of the differences between the manufacturers were port light syles and locations, cockpit window frames, cabin windows etc.etc.

That's funny, I call most newer boats shoe boats too lol

Steve said:

There really are only so many styling cues you can change. Before a boat starts to look like a shoe.

Hello Chris:

Lots of corrections here.  What you are looking at is a 44' Hatteras Triple Cabin circa 1970.  This was Hatteras's answer to the CC 47' Commander.  The 47' was introduced in 1966 while this model was first showed at the New York Boat Show in January 1967.  I personally went on board hull #1 at the New York Coliseum with my Dad, his friend and my brother.  Trust me, when you put the 47' and this 44' side by side the Commander had MUCH more elegant styling and detail to attention than this Hatteras.  The 47' was gelcoated vs the Hatteras had a Dupont Imron paint job.  As to the ride, in order for this boat to accommodate the GM 8V71N's, she became extremely top heavy and rolled horribly in any kind of sea.  She was also a very poor performer at speed with the power mentioned. The sole 47' Commander built in 1969 with this same power, was easily 3 knots faster and much more seaworthy, while also equipped with the CC factory Command Bridge.  This boat quite frankly was a WANNABE!  Very few of these were built while the 47s were the definite favorite between the two.  As to the styling part, one could easily tell a Commander from a Hat to a Bertram to a Trojan and especially a Pacemaker ( The Captains at Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale nicknamed them as WAGEMAKERS).  There was ONLY one Dick Avery who swung a superior pen over his contemporaries.  The only advantages this Hat had over the 47 was her higher fuel and water capacities and the bigger V8's as well as a cheaper price.  Otherwise, the 47 was much more superior.  This Hatteras became a very poor seller into the early 1970's when her "secrets" were found out on the docks and eventually became a 48' Yacht Fisherman in 1972 with the 8V71TI engines.  The 47' was always superior to this competitor all through her years.

Best Regards,

Jim Rivas

I certainly hope whomever pilots that Hatteras on the Fly Bridge doesn't operate the Radar. J.

Hello John:

All boats with radar shared this type of installation during the 1960's and early "70's until the radar arches were introduced around 1973/74 namely by CC on their Roamers.  Fortunately I never stood behind one of these units when I was younger!

Best Regards,

Jim Rivas

mine has the radar in front of the fly bridge.   It's set up so you can't turn it on from the fly bridge display. 

I very much prefer the 47 Commander.

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