We have "Lady Charlotte" 1978 45' w/ 8v71 naturals.  I'd like to pull the injectors and send to the injector service.  Can this be done without adult supervision?  We have no injector issues that I'm aware of.

Thanks, Chet

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Per Detroit, the timing is gauge J1853 at 1.450 for the n60 on a 53n motor.

Wait, wait a second, I just re-read the original post....if you have no injector issues and they're working fine, then why do you want to change them?

I had some bad ones, they were poorly rebuilt in the past. One was dead, which left me with a misfire. Other ones were leaking, it created white smoke during throttle changes, and they left fuel sheen on the water when the engines were running at idle, all of which I found embarrassing.

I had to address this anyway, so upgrading to next size up wasn't really much more than I was already going to spend anyway. But if they had all been fine, then I wouldn't have messed with them. The only reason it made any sense to spend $2500 just on the parts was they needed doing anyway. Otherwise I'd have just left them alone.

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