Our 1969 42 Commander has a Kohler Generator, we believe the heat exchanger tube bundle has a hole in it.  Other than the heat exchanger, it runs beautifully.  Kohler no longer makes the part - so I'm searching for an alternate solution.

The generator model number is: 6.5A23

The generator specification number is: 50226D7

Serial Number is: 308881

The tube bundle part number is: 241279 (This is the part I believe is leaking).

According to the manual (attached) the heat exchanger part number is: A-240779

Has anyone run into this or know where I can get a replacement?

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Why not find the leak and solder it closed, take it to a radiator shop would be an alternative.

Have you contacted Kohler for the replacement exhaust mixer to be supplied in their recall agreement?


Thanks Tim,

A radiator shop may be the way to go...  I assume I'll have to make gaskets for everything that has to be taken apart and put back together...

I'm not familiar with the replacement exhaust mixer to be supplied in their recall agreement?  Is there information somewhere I can reference?



If yours exhausts upwards it is not covered but I was able to sign a release and do the exchange.  You will need to do a slight mod to make this work but it is not difficult.  The exhaust had eroded much of the threads on mine so the decision to waiver and modify was easy.  I don't have a picture I can find but if I get to the boat with memory intact I will take and post a pic


Did not take a pic but the replacemen for the cast iron discharge is all SS, a flange and 90 that mates to the exhaust, on the flange is a 1/4 or 1/8" fitting to allow the discharge water to flow into the exhaust to cool it as it goes to the muffler, this is for down discharge.  The suit and recall revision do not address the same deficiency in the vertical discharge. This is why I had to sign a waiver to get the replacement.  To adjust for the vertical discharge I welded the fitting closed, inverted the exhaust mod and connected it as originally provided.

Thanks Tim, I will contact them.

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