Looking to buy Heads, Exhaust Manifolds, End Caps for Commander 1972 42'

Hi Everybody, 

I hope you are doing well. Love this club and wanted to share gratitude in advance. 

I am looking for the following parts:

1. Ford 427 '69-72 Heads with Casting #C7JE-A  (FE390 should be interchangeable or C7TE-A) 

2. Exhaust manifolds with casting #7710 5CC,  and Date 11-4-89   consider Fresh Water Cooling System. 

3. Matching End Caps for the exhaust manifolds.  Part number #7782 

4. Heat Exchanger for the sump oil pan

5. Gaskets for all above

6. Hoses 

I am rebuilding my second engine and things are going well. Just changed gaskets on the velvet drive transmission which was difficult to get at. 

Let me know what you got,

Thank you, 


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Jesse, I still have one set of heads ready to bolt on. .....bsmith4911@aol.com....byron

Emailed you Byron. Thanks 

Byron Smith said:

Jesse, I still have one set of heads ready to bolt on. .....bsmith4911@aol.com....byron

Are you rebuilding the engines in the boat?  Any pictures of the process would be great to see if/when I have to do the same!  Hope things keep going well, and you find all the parts you need. 

I have one sump oil cooler. Contact me via text 704-287-3914 I’ll ask the owner of it for a price.

Jesse---I have a couple of 427 heads from 1973 chris craft boat I repowered. I do not know the casting #s but can check if you might be interested. I sold the exhaust manifolds/oil sump coolers already but do have the engine heat exchangers,intake manifold,starter and excellent carb

I have a set of manifolds. No risers.

I have exhaust manifolds......risers.........the end caps are on the manifolds.....

I also have  starters....alternators.......front engine mounts.....water and circ. pumps......many other parts less block and heads

Did you get my response to your message, Jesse?

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