Well...the docks are almost in place.  Later this week boats will start moving in to the Miami International Boat Show that opens Thursday February 16th.  I'm including photos of the Virginia Key Site from Saturday 2/4 where the new boat and equipment displays will be located.  The white display tents stretch over a half mile long just behind the old Miami Marine Stadium.

The view of the Miami Skyline from the Virginia Key location is Awesome!  And they cleaned up the old stadium grandstand a little this year.

And I'm told the Water Taxi issue should be much improved from last years show.  The Miami International Boat Show is spread out over 4 locations.  New Boats and equipment displays at Virginia Key.  The Mega Yacht Show at the new marina on Watson Island.  The Yachts Miami Beach Display in front of the Eden Roc Hotel along Collins Avenue.  AND the Sailboat show at Miamarina/Bayside.  The water taxi's are the only viable transportation between show sites as each display is miles away from the other.   

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Paul! It was great to meet you as well! I bet we could! We will have to get together some time soon and continue our conversation! Just got back to reality yesterday at 2pm so sorry for the late reply! I cannot wait to get a 27. I would like to keep one in Cape Cod. 

Paul Cavenaugh said:

Yo Hunter!  I was delighted to meet you.  I could talk old boats all day.  Never even got to the story about my old 27 Commander...  And would love to find out more about your bullnose 42.  I agree with you...the 27 Commander was one extraordinary little boat.     

I like the the capabilities of the 27. It is big but not too big and is a very solid boat. Easy to handle and easy to maintain. A lot less surface area to wax than my 42. I would prefer the two engine model myself but certainly understand Paul's thinking.  

Jim Frens said:

I'd love to hear what you big-boat owners liked about the 27?

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