We are terribly, terribly disappointed that we've somehow lost the original flag pole on our 31' Sports Express....the boat seems a bit naked without the pole!   Can someone provide the exact dimensions of the pole so that I might have a duplicate made??  Alternatively (and better yet) if you will send me your pole in the off season, I will have it replicated....I'll have some extras made and offer them at cost to Commander Club members.  Yes, I've checked with the vendor resources on this site but no poles seem to be available.

This is very important to my boat (also my wife and I) !!  Your help is appreciated.

Pete  630-842-8504


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I would also be interested in purchasing one- think they were stainless steel poles with a little teak or mahogany ball on the top-

Pete, are you talking about a wood or metal pole? The one on my 27 is all wood. I can get dimensions tomorrow.

Jim: What I'm looking for is the stainless steel pole with the teak ball on top.

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